The key ingredients to a successful life are having a passion for what you do with a desire to help others and the courage to do it. 

There once was a young boy who's father owned a woodworking shop he in turn was required to work at the shop. Woodworking was not his passion, his passion was baseball so one day he ducked out of work to catch a major league baseball game. One of his favoirte players was in a batting slump and went 0 for 4 that game also breaking his bat during his last at bat. This young man just 17 years old mustered up the courage to approach this professional baseball player and invite him to the woodworking shop where he would make the player a new bat. 

His offer was accepted and the very next game Pete Browning of the Eclipse got three hits with his new bat! Players from all over starting asking for the young boy to make them bats, he eventually patterned his bats and named them after the first player he ever made a bat for Pete Browning who's nickname was the "Louisville Slugger" The young boy named John "Bud" Hillerich took his passion for baseball and desire to help others and turned it into a successful career. The wood shop went on to produce 3000 bats a day and continued to grow. In 2015 Wilson Sporting Goods bought the Louisville Slugger brand for 70 million dollars

Passion, the desire to help others and the courage to follow through,these qualities are very important to my real estate business and my customers. I love helping people buy and sell their homes it's not just a financial transaction, It is fulfilling the desires and needs of my customers. If you are looking for a passionate real estate agent who will put your needs first and get the job done call me today for a free consultation.